Alexey has never been in a situation he couldn’t joke, charm, flirt, or reason his way out of. His old war days are a blur of amphetamines and hallucinogens.

Niki, like Lysander, would very much prefer to use diplomacy wherever possible. That hot centaur blood has been very much diluted by common sense and sufficient hydration.

Uba is ready, at any moment, to burn down the world for looking at her wrong.


Page 56 panel 1
(Niki trotting behind Alexey, trying to keep up)
Niki: Are we really going to just… bust down their door, all spells blazing?! That doesn’t–

Panel 2
Alexey: Not if we don’t have to. But I was serious when I said we were getting them back.

Panel 3
Uba: (flanking Alexey’s other side, fire blazing on fist) I like the first plan. The blazing plan.

Panel 4
Alexey: (stops) Look, I don’t know what reformed undead are, but if Gri’shak wants help from Pelleponese,I got a couple of friends I can call.

Panel 5
Niki: But you said they wouldn’t help in a war!

Panel 6
Alexey: (scrolling through his phone) Not in participating in one, no. But maybe to stop one.

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