“And that, dear grandchildren, is how I started WW3!”

* Reformed Undead.


Page 55 panel 1
Alexey: Well, by all means. Let’s hear it.

Panel 2
Jo’mak: She… she has been trying for years to track down and recruit two groups of people to join her cause. One of them are the reformed undead*. The other…

Panel 3
Jo’mak: The other group are the Pelleponesians. The only ones around anymore are old and dying off, and what little technology they brought with them is beginning to fail.

Panel 4
Jo’mak: If you can secure the help of Lusario’s reformeds or the Pelleponesian military and hand them over to her, she’ll probably help you.

Panel 5
Alexey: That’s impossible. There’s no way our government would get our military involved in another war on a primitive planet, especially not on​ the side of a terrorist.

Panel 6
Jo’mak: I don’t know what else to do. I’ll talk to her, but I don’t think it’ll do any good.

Panel 7
Alexey: Well, you better try damn hard, buck-o, because so will I, and if these young ladies and I can’t find a peaceful solution then you’re gonna wish you had. Do I make myself clear?

Panel 8
(Alexey walks out of room in a huff, followed by Niki and Uba)

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