Page 54 panel 1
Alexey: What can we do to get our friends back?

Panel 2
Jo’mak: I… I dunno. I don’t have any idea how she runs her kingdom anymore.

Panel 3
Alexey: Can you talk to her, at least?

Panel 4
Jo’mak: A fat lotta good that’ll do ya! She don’t listen to me!

Panel 5
(Alexey stands up, angry)
Alexey: (shouting) You sent us there! You said we would be safe!

But now four innocent people are in danger!

Panel 6
Alexey: One of them’s just a kid! Still in college, can’t even buy beer! Another one’s pregnant, for fuck sake! One’s going to be a father, another king! And they’re going to possibly be put to death!

Panel 7
Jo’mak: (teary eyed) You think I don’t know that! I’m sorry, okay?! But I’m telling you, she won’t listen to me! She won’t listen to you, either!

Panel 8
Alexey: Listen. I’m going to get them all back one way or another. If I have start a war and kill hundreds of innocent men I will do it. But I don’t want to. I have no taste for war. I would prefer a more diplomatic method. But I will do what I have to do. Do you understand, son?

Panel 9
Jo’mak: There… may be a way…

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