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I honestly don’t know who’s more terrifying: The guy who can rip solid iron bars off a prison cell like they’re dandelions, the woman who regularly turns into terrifying monsters and rips people apart, or the tiny guy who makes threats to the other two in such a way that you know it isn’t a threat, it’s a promise. No wonder Bradley’s terrified all the time.

Also, this is the last page of the chapter! As usual, I will be opening up reader questions, which I will be illustrating and answering between chapters. So if you have any burning questions, now’s the time to ask! You can do so right here, via the site’s email, or over twitter, instagram, discord, or facebook.


Page 62 panel 1
Lysander: (kneels in front of Bradley, who is still hiding under the bench)
What are these collars?

Panel 2
Bradley: (still shaken) They’re to keep us from using magic.

Panel 3
(Lysander breaks the collar)

Panel 4
Bradley: (holding neck) Ow!

Panel 5
(Brings hand away. There’s blood on his hand, and a small knick on his neck)
Lysander: (full of concern) I’m sorry! Did I hurt you?

Panel 6
Bradley: It’s fine. They’re just sharp. Get her loose.

Panel 7
(Lysander breaks Bea’s collar)

Panel 8
(Bea​ hair frazzled, face looking more canine, hands to claws)
Bea: NOW we’re talking!

Panel 9
Sancho: (to Lysander) Finally done somethin’ in this fooking job right.

{You finally did something in this fucking job right.}

Panel 10
Lysander: So now are we even?
Sancho: Mebbe…


Panel 11
Sancho: But don’t you e’er fook up like that again er I’ll teach ye why yer people’re scared tae walk oor woods o’night.

{But don’t you ever fuck up like that again or I’ll teach you why your people are afraid to walk our woods at night.}

I fought her for ye. I said ye werenae that stupid. I trusted ye. An’ look where it fookin’ got us, aye?

{I fought her for you. I said you weren’t that stupid. I trusted you. And look where it fucking got us, huh?}

Panel 12
Sancho: So don’t. Fuck up. Again.

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