This argument has been a long time coming, tbh.


Page 57 panel 1
(⅔ panel across top, from back. Bea crouching on floor, puking into a bucket. Bradley holding her hair back. )

Panel 2
Bea: Nothing’s even coming up! It’s all just bile!

Fucking lightning! I HATE being electrocuted! Every FUCKING time!

Panel 3
Lysander: (accusitorially) Why didn’t you tell us you were pregnant?

Panel 4
Sancho: (holding onto bars, watching Bea with concern) I dinnae see ‘ow that’s any o’yer fooking business, bigjob.

Panel 5
Lysander: It’s everyone’s business! We have to rely on each other! To trust one another! To not know a weakness like this–

Panel 6
Bea: (striding over to the bars, wiping her face) Weakness?! You wanna talk about weakness?! About being able to trust one another?!

Panel 7
Bea: Like they trusted you not to be seduced by an enemy spy a whole six fucking minutes after arriving in town?! Trusted you not to divulge sensitive information the second your balls were empty?!

Panel 8
Lysander: (embarrassed and stern) That was a mistake, I’ve already admitted to that–

Panel 9
Bea: ( grabbing bars in anger) Oh, a mistake. Is that all it was? Well thank fuck for that, I thought it was actually serious! Well now I feel–

Bradley: (very distressed) Can we please stop fighting?!

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