She knows to take out the mage first this time.


Page 50 (two page spread)
panel 1
(Gri’shak punches Sancho hard in the gut, bringing him to his knees.)

Panel 2
(Shackled, Bea braces herself on the table and flings her chair hard at her with her feet.)

Panel 3
(Chair knocks Gri’shak back, knocking her hard against the wall, and shatters)

Panel 4
(Guards all move in at once to attack her. Lightning-casting one readying her spell)

Panel 5
(moving at a supernatural speed, she takes a spear from one of the male guards before he can stab)

Panel 6
(Throws it at the caster. It hits her shoulder hard and pins her to the wall, bleed profusely)
Female Guard 1 (Wey’ga): (running to help her comrade) Shehr’hana!

Panel 7
(as one of the male guards rushes in to jab her with a spear, she picks him up with her legs)

Panel 8
(throws him at the female guards hard, knocking all three of them unconscious against the wall)

Panel 9
(The one remaining guard makes a dash for one of the dropped spears)

Panel 10
(Bea gets to it long before he does)

Panel 11
(He tries to run)

Panel 12
(She stabs the back of his leg at the knee, incapacitating him)

Panel 13
(Gri’shak is trying to revive her injured guards)
Gri’shak: Come on, get up. Get up. Please.

Panel 14
(Bea’s spear pierces her hard in the back. She falls)

Panel 15
(She brandishes her knife at bea as she slowly approaches, looking like the incarnation of wrath)

Panel 16
Gri’shak: Stop! I surrender!

Panel 17
(Bea kneels on her chest and begins strangling her with her chain)

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