In a COMPLETELY UNFORESEEN EVENT, Beatrix has managed to somehow anger the one person who can get them out of their current situation without violence.


Page 48 panel 1
Bea: I don’t know what games you’re talking about. I don’t get a lot of leisure time.

Panel 2
Gri’shak: Two men couldn’t have impregnated you at once, that’s not how it works.

Panel 3
Bea: And yet here I am, a gods damned miracle of nature.

Panel 4
Gri’shak: It’s the Roman, isn’t it? It has to be.

Panel 5
Bea: I am with every man, every night. It’s my job. So there’s really no way to tell, is there?

Panel 6
Gri’shak: “Your job”?

Panel 7
Bea: I’m the camp whore. I keep the men’s morale up.

Panel 8
Gri’shak: My son tells me you’re an assassin.

Panel 9
Bea: Ain’t my fault your kid’s dumb as shit.

Panel 10
(Gri’shak growls)

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