She’s getting out of here with all her bois. The blood bath is optional, but very much still on the table.


Page 47 panel 1
Bea: Yes.

Panel 2
Gri’shak: (had pen and paper, ready to take notes) Which one?

Panel 3
Bea: All of them.

Panel 4
Gri’shak: (irritated) What do you mean “all of them”? Only one man can be the father, now which one is he?

Panel 5
Bea: All. Of them.

Panel 6
Gri’shak: It can’t be all of them! Who was the one you slept with when it happened!

Panel 7
Bea: I told you! All of them. All three at once. At the same time.

Panel 8
Gri’shak: I’m offering you and the father of your child freedom! Don’t play games with me!

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