Page 43 panel 1
Alexey: Got ‘em! Sancho talks to animals, right? Ain’t that like, a Thing he can do?

Panel 2
Uba: You found them?! Are they alright?!

Panel 3
Alexey: They’re in prison.

Panel 4
Niki: WHAT!

Panel 5
Alexey: (holds up his up hand for silence) shh…

Panel 6
(Back in cell)
Sancho: =I don’t know what we did or what they want from us. But I haven’t seen the two gobbo lads since we got here.=

Panel 7
Sancho: =My best guess is that– =

Panel 8
(Female guards come in, open Bea and Bradley’s cell, both of whom are in female uniforms)

Panel 9
(Pull Bradley to his feet)
Bea: (rushing to intervene) Where are you taking him!

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