Not so concerned about the Prime Directive when it comes to your iron-age girlfriend, are ye buddy?


Page 41 panel 1
(Alexey sitting cross legged on ground, eyes closed.)

Panel 2
(Niki sits down​ next to him)
Niki: Any luck?

Panel 3
Alexey: Not yet. The ward is still up and I can’t see anything.

Panel 4
Niki: I don’t like this. You’d think if he couldn’t telepathy he’d at least text, or something.

Panel 5
Alexey: I’m gonna try something different. I’m gonna try to find an open mind to connect with outside the ward, see if I can find out what’s going on.

Panel 6
Niki: (thinking) I hope everything’s alright.

Panel 7
Alexey: I think I’ve got something.

Panel 8
Niki: What? Really? Is it him?

Panel 9
Alexey: It’s… something. Not a person. It feels… small. Cautious. Fast. Mind quick and sharp, like… like a razor in the hands of a surgical bot. Maybe I can…

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