*It was actually an amothium-silver dagger. Nwlyn likes to embellish.


Page 40 panel 1
( Uba sitting with Tulip and Nwlyn)

Panel 2
Tulip: =I have a bad feeling in my gutttyworks. I only feel like this when something’s wrong. If he’s in danger, like.=

Panel 3
Nwlyn: =Don’t worry, my person is with him. She cares a lot about him, and when she cares, she cares hard. She won’t let anything happen to him.=

Panel 4
Tulip: =But what if she’s in trouble too!=

Panel 5
Nwlyn: =You don’t know what she can do. I’ve been with her for eleven hundred years. I once saw her take down a demon with nothing but a charcoal pencil* and a bad mood. She can’t be stopped.=

Panel 6
Tulip: =Yeah, well… you don’t know how much trouble my master can get himself into. He’s good at it. I just hope he comes back. He’s the only mother I have left. I don’t want to lose another one.=

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