Mum’s just having a little breakdown, everything’s fine.


Page 38 panel 1

Teo: Mah, you can’t do this! I told you, they’re–

Panel 2

Gri’shak: They’re Romans! Allied with Shard and an enemy to the Goblin people!

Panel 3

Teo: I told you, he’s rebelled against Romani and against Shard! That’s the whole reason they’re here! The Oracle sent them–

Panel 4

Gri’shak: FUCK THE FUCKING ORACLE! She has no more love for us than the gods damned Duke! The humans have gone too far, it’s time–

Panel 5

Teo: Is this about Se? 

Panel 6

Gri’shak: Don’t you speak her name…

Panel 7

Teo: You know that a war with the humans isn’t going to bring her back.

Panel 8


Panel 9

Teo: She’s my sister, too! You think I don’t want to get her back?! That’s why dad sent us here! To get back at Shard and the rest of the Romans–

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