Beatrix is NOT a calming presence to anyone.


Page 37 panel 1
(Bea sits down.)

Panel 2
Female guard 2: Get the collars.

Panel 3
(Guard 1 comes back with two slender silver collars)

Panel 4
(Guard 2 putting collar on Bea, who is resisting)
Bea: Hey! You get that shit away from me or I’ll–

Panel 5
Bradley: (his collar being fastened, calmed down a bit but still teary-eyed) Beatrix, let them. I don’t want to do this anymore.

Panel 6
(Bea sitting calmly but still stiff and indignant. They fasten her collar.)
Bea: For the record, I could’ve gotten us out of this mess twice had you two whiny fucking humans let me.

Bradley: For goodness sakes, Beatrix, just…

Panel 7
Female Guard 2: There. These’ll keep yous twos assholes from doing any magic.

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