*She means condescending. She’s never actually has to use that word in Common.


Page 36 panel 1
(Bradley’s device, earbuds, meds, and maybe a few other things)
Female guard 2: We got ourselves a Pelleponesian.

Panel 2
Female guard 1: Where you from, Sweetheart?

Panel 3
Bea: Don’t call him sweetheart, that’s condensing.*

Panel 4
Female guard 1: (ignoring Bea) Are you wunna them? An alien?

Panel 5
(Bradley isn’t answering. He is frightened and humiliated and crying and has shut down)

Panel 6
Female guard 1: (screams at him) ANSWER ME YOU PINK-SKINNED BITCH!

Panel 7
(Bea has both guards pinned to the wall in giant claws)
Bea: If you touch him again I’ll feed you your own fucking intestines you little–

panel 8
Bradley: (crying and stressed and yelling) BEATRIX PLEASE STOP! I CAN’T HANDLE THIS!

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