Page 35 panel 1
(Bradley, led by female guard, enters room to see Bea naked, snarling, and bristling at the other guard.

Panel 2
(Bea notices Bradley come in)
Bea: What’s he doing in here?

Panel 3
Female guard 1: (points to Bradley’s crotch) This look like a “he” to you, bitch?

Panel 4
Bea: Is that all it takes? Can I be moved in with the other men, then?

Panel 5
(Bea shape-shifts herself a penis)
Bea: Haaah?

Panel 6
Female guard 2: Oh– Jahl, stop that! Fuck sake!

Panel 7
Bea: (snarling) Give him his clothes back and send him back where he belongs.

Panel 8
Female guard 1: You don’t give the orders here, sweetheart, we–

Female guard 2: Wey’ga. Look at this.

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