Everyone has their own reactions to being arrested. Lysander is sure that there has been some sort of miscommunication, and that if he can just speak to whoever’s in charge, this can all be cleared up, no harm done.

Bradley is terrified. He’s never been arrested, never even been looked at askew from a cop. But he’s still scared of them and distrustful of them, and of authority in general, and well he should be.

Bea is fighting the urge to tear everyone to pieces so hard because these whiny fucking humans want diplomacy. But these dudes are on thin fucking ice right now.

Sancho just be like “We’re back on this shite again are we?”


Page 31 panel 1
(Bea raises large, sharp claws ready to tear some bitches)
Lysander: Beatrix, stop!

Panel 2
Lysander: Just cooperate with them, please!

Panel 3
Bea: I don’t cooperate with people at spear point.

Panel 4
Lysander: You don’t cooperate at all! But please do so now!

Panel 5
Lysander: There’s clearly been some miscommunication, and we need to show these people we are on their side.

Panel 6
Guard 1: You ain’t on nobody’s side, Roman, until the queen is through witch yous!

Panel 7
(Guards lead them away)

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