There aren’t a lot of people who have touched Bea without her express permission and remained ignorant as to what their liver looks like on the outside.


Page 30 panel 1
Lysander: We have a pass–

Panel 2
(Guard snatches clay seal from his hand)
Guard 1: We don’t give a shit about your “poss”, our orders come from the queen!

Panel 3
(Guard ushering everyone out at spear point)
Guard: Come on, everybody out! Move it!

Panel 4
(Guard grabs Bea)

Panel 5
(Bea swats him flat on his ass)
Bea: (snarling) Touch me again, little man, and I’ll rip out your throat!

Panel 6
(Guards surround Bea)

2 Responses to ch20-pg30

  1. “Poss?” Does Lysander have an English accent?

    • All Romans in this world speak with that weird fake Britishy accent American TV gives to Earth Romans. So, Lysander, Niki, and Uba (to a lesser extent) talk like this. Bea speaks like she’s from California (as do all High-Elves). Sancho has a heavy Glaswegian accent that sounds like it’s made of clay and hatred for the British. Alexey and Bradley are from this planet’s equivalent of Florida.

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