There are a loooot of treaties and trade agreements between Jegga and Grilamak regarding things like border disputes, hostile magic use, the proper functioning of inter-kingdom ventilation fans, and not asking questions about how Grilamak comes into possession of topside Human things, like armor, weapons, seeds, animals, chocolate, booze not made from lichen and mushrooms, etc.


Page 26 panel 1
Alexey: What’s on the other side of this thing?

Panel 2
Teo: My mother’s kingdom.

Panel 3
Alexey: No, I mean what’s directly on the other side? As soon as you exit the thingy?

Panel 4
Teo: A checkpoint. They’ll wanna see the seal my dad gave you.

Panel 5
Alexey: Would it be possible to clear a space maybe… three meters in diameter of obstruction?

Panel 6
Teo: … yeah…? I guess…?

Panel 7
Alexey: Well why don’t you all go ahead, I’ll stay here with Niki and Tulip, and Bradley you give me word when and if it’s safe to port in.

Panel 8
Teo: I gotta tell my mom first. There’s a ward up blocking incoming magic. For security reasons.

Panel 9
Alexey: Fair enough son, fair enough.

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