Goblins don’t use animal labor. If they want something transported they either pull the cart themselves or think of some nifty magicky/steampunky way of moving it.


Page 25 panel 1
(The next day. Shot of a very narrow crack, just big enough to sidle through)
Teo: (off camera) This is it…

Panel 2
Teo: Fat Man’s Pass.

Panel 3
Alexey: That’s… aptly named.

Panel 4
Niki: How are we supposed to get through there?

Panel 5
Lysander: If we hold our things out to the side and go through sideways–

Panel 6
Niki: That might work for you bipeds, but how are Tulip and I going to get through?

Panel 7
Lysander: Well, erm…

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