Alexey forges a lot of paperwork.

The word “transgender” doesn’t exist on Ecadia outside of Pelleponese. People just feel Really Off and don’t know why, nor do they have any words to describe it, and there is virtually no social support network for it. Some peoples have a third or fourth gender that means a very similar thing, but it isn’t “transgender,” and tend to be glossed over, unwritten, or violently stamped out by foreign colonial invaders.

Beatrix is not transgender. She identifies as a woman, born with a vagina. Yes, she lived as a man, called herself a man, gave herself a fully functioning penis (that shot blanks), enjoyed her time as a man thoroughly, but at no time did she ever identify as one.


Page 13 panel 1
Bea: But then how did he know it was his mother?

Panel 2
Alexey: (turning back to the road) Dunno. It’s a funny old world, ain’t it.

Panel 3
Bradley: It’s me.

Panel 4
Bradley: Emily’s my name. Or, it was my name. Until I changed it.

Panel 5
(Bea covers mouth, gasps)

Panel 6
Bea: Did your mother make you dress like a boy so you could go to academy?! That’s what mine did to ME!

Panel 7
Bradley: No. I’m really a guy. I just… have a vagina. Is all.

Panel 8
Niki: Professor, you knew!

Panel 9
Bradley: Yeah. He took me to the clinic and said he was my grandfather and had full custody of me so he could sign all the parental permissions without my mom ever knowing. I think he forged some paperwork or something. He took me to my surgery, and my counselling, and to get my meds…

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