Aaaaaaaaand now we know where all that anxiety comes from.


Page 14 panel 1
Niki: Oh, sweetie, I’m so sorry. It didn’t occur to me that you wouldn’t have told her.

Panel 2
Bradley: Are you kidding?! She would flip her shit! Transgender people aren’t that uncommon and we have the same rights protecting us as everyone else, but some people still think it’s WRONG! That it’s like… sick somehow!

Panel 3
Bradley: I mean, I didn’t talk to her if I could avoid it before, but now… I have been avoiding her for two and a half years! She doesn’t even know I’m a wizard! She thinks I’m in accounting! I have changed my number dozens of times, but she’s a lawyer and knows how to get it and I don’t know what she’s found out but… I am in deep shit.

Panel 4
(bigger panel, to fit all the text)
Bradley: She’s the kind of person who has to control every aspect of not only her life but the lives of everyone around her! She decided what I wear, who my friends are, how I speak… She even has some poor terrified guy picked out for me to marry! AND WE DON’T DO THAT IN OUR COUNTRY! THERE HASN’T BEEN AN ARRANGED MARRIAGE THAT WAS LEGALLY BINDING SINCE WE STILL ALL LIVED ON EUROPA! AND THAT WAS, LIKE, FOUR THOUSAND FUCKING YEARS AGO!

I can’t even have an opinion she didn’t give to me, let alone a whole other identity! Her and my dad still live together and he hasn’t said a word to her besides “yes, Dear” and “I’m sorry” since before I was born! He’s terrified of her! So am I! She is… … toxic.

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