Even before she was captured and enslaved, when she was still living with her family among her own people, she never felt alone. Some people may have wanted that, but being the daughter of a shaman is kinda a Big Deal. Everyone is always watching. Expecting you to act a certain way, speak a certain way… she never had privacy, and she was never able to just Be. To figure out who she was, to live for herself. She felt unsafe. So the fact that she can just Be and the most important people in her life are just, like, “okay, cool, that’s what you are, nbd” is incredibly freeing.


Page 8 Panel 1
(Kissing her, his fingers running through her hair)

Panel 2
Lysander: I like your hair like this. It’s pretty.

Uba: What?

Panel 3
(She realizes she forgot to straighten it. Embarrassed, she tries to cover it up with her hands)

Panel 4
(He laughs)
Lysander: What are you doing?

Uba: I’m sorry I forgot about it–

Lysander: Forgot about what?

Panel 5
Uba: (nervously) I… I usually straighten it, but I forgot–

Panel 6
(He gently takes her hands away)

Panel 7
Lysander: I don’t care how you wear your hair. You’re beautiful anyway.

Besides, I think curly hair might be in now???

Panel 8
(She laughs, tearing up)
Uba: You are… the most…
Lysander: The most what? If you’re going to tell me I’m an idiot, I already know.
Uba: No.

Panel 9
Uba: Come here.

Panel 10
(She gives him a little peck on the forehead)

Panel 11
Uba: You’re sweet. And… maybe a bit naîve, but I like it. You make me feel safe. I have never felt safe.

Panel 12
Uba: Every night, you must kiss me. We take it a bit further every time, until I’m more comfortable.
Lysander: That sounds perfect.

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