This relationship hasn’t been going well since the Seer told Ufta “Oh shit, she a shaman” and apparently this is as far as it will stretch.



(Back in Jegga, in their tent. Anga grabs Ufta hard)
Anga: (in tears) =You WHAT?!=

Panel 2
Ufta: ( offended) =You dare raise your voice to me, woman?!=

Panel 3
Anga: (keeps hitting him) =You let her go! She just came back to me and you drove her away!=

Panel 4
Ufta: (holding her by wrists) =She left! Of her own accord! She chose those Roman monsters over us! She is selfish, indignant– =

Panel 5
(Anga spits at him)

Panel 6
(She hits him)

Panel 7
(He slaps her to the ground)

Panel 8
(She gets up, absolutely livid)

Panel 9
Anga: =That ‘s it. I’ve put up with your temper and your arrogance and your controlling behavior for twenty years. All so my father can say “my daughter is married to a shaman, aren’t I wonderful?” I stay with you, I have your children, I do whatever you say, because you are a big man. =

Panel 10
Anga: =But no more. You drive away my favorite child, you bring my baby boy to tears every day with your training. But no more. I am through.=

Panel 11
(She walks away)
Ufta: =Where are you going?=

Anga: (off camera) =To Jo’mak! With Ode! And he will learn goblin magic! Or none at all if he wants! You will never hurt us again!=

Panel 12
Ufta: =Come back here, Anga! I demand you come back here! Come back here with my son! ANGA!=

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