Page 7 panel 1
(Lysander puts his hand on Uba’s waist)

Panel 2
(Uba leans back suddenly)

Panel 3
Lysander: Too much?

Panel 4
Uba: … N-no. It’s okay.

Panel 5
Lysander: Are you sure? We don’t have to–
Uba: I know. I want to.

I…I like it, I really do. I just get… nervous.

Panel 6
Lysander: I won’t hurt you.

Uba: I know you won’t.

Panel 7
(She bows her head and rests her hands on his chest)
Uba: I…

Panel 8
Uba: I’m in love with you.

Panel 9
(He smiles, blushing)
Lysander: With me? Really?

Uba: Mm-hm

Panel 10
Lysander: Oh thank God, I love you too but was too afraid to say it. I love you so damn much.

And I will endeavour to be worthy of your affections.

Panel 11
Uba: As will I.

Come here…

(She kisses him)

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