How in fuck he convinced someone to kiss him we’ll never know.


Page 6 panel 1
(Sit facing each other)
Lysander: So…

Panel 2
Uba: So…

Panel 3
Lysander: I… don’t know what–

Panel 4
(Uba scoots closer)
Uba: C-can…

can you kiss me again?

Panel 5
Lysander: I-I-I… th-thought you said–
Uba: I know what I said. I changed my mind. I would like you to kiss me.

Panel 6
Lysander: (taking her head softly in his hand, blushing) … erm …

(soft kiss)

Panel 7
Uba: I… think I could learn to like this.

Panel 8
(she leans into him, wrapping arms around neck, and kisses harder)

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