You don’t want to sleep in that thing, it smells of equal parts donkey, drunk homeless guy, and sadness.


Page 5 panel 1
Uba: Only… Niki has been very kind and accommodating, but… I think she would like it if Bradley could move in with her.

Panel 2
Uba: And I think he would be happy to move out of the professor’s tent and I don’t feel comfortable taking his place, and…

Panel 3
Uba: I guess I could use Sancho’s old tarp and stay by myself–

Panel 4
Lysander: No, it’s alright. I’d… like it if you stayed here.

I… miss you at night.

Panel 5
Uba: That doesn’t mean that–
Lysander: No of course not–

Panel 6
(On other side of tent)
Uba: I can… set up here. Where I won’t be in the way.

Panel 7
Lysander: Hey…

Panel 8
(Uba turns)

Panel 9
Lysander: I’m really glad you came with us. I would have missed you very much.

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