That amount of equipment needs a looot of looking after. Normally, a page or servant would be given this task. But Lysander makes all his own gear from scratch and doesn’t trust anyone else with it. Hence the state of his hands.

Hey hey, look, we’re back! From our new home in Lafayette, CO! Back to business as usual, except slightly higher weed usage. Thanks for sticking with us.


Page 4 panel 1
(Teo and Ruby being lovey-dovey)

Panel 2
(Interior: Lysander’s tent. Lysander organizing things inside)

Panel 3
(Uba comes in with pack and bedroll
Hair in curls)
Uba: Erm…

Panel 4
(Lysander looks up)
Lysander: Oh. H… hello.

Panel 5
Uba: I… I would like to move in here.

Panel 6
Lysander: R-really? I’m… Okay… I’ll–
Uba: Only…

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