Lysander was raised in a dwarf mine. At at a reasonably young age, maybe 9 or 10, he was taller than almost every other dwarf. He was too big for mineshafts, which meant he hit his head on the ceiling a lot. For this reason, he was nicknamed “Hodefngr.” Or Headbanger.

Despite all this, he really misses being a Dwarf. This has been the first time in almost ten years that he has spent more than a few hours under ground, and he is enjoying every minute of it.

Bea… no so much.


Panel 1
(Everyone in gondolas (2 per, except Alexey, who is sharing with Teo and Ruby). Tulip braying and stamping hoof)

Gondola pilot1: Hey! Stop that!

Niki: (shaking and holding onto Bradley in a very uncomfortable manner) I HATE THIS I HATE THIS I HATE THIS!

Gondola pilot 2: Can you make her sit down?!

Bradley: C-can you sit down, please?

Panel 2
(Everyone disembarking onto a dock. Niki is being sick in a corner, Bradley comforting her)
Bradley: You okay?
Niki: (shakey letters) uuuggghhh~~

(Lysander helping Uba out of gondola. Alexey stands by as Teo and Ruby negotiate with a guard, who points behind him. Bea, with Nwlyn on shoulder, stands by as Sancho tries to comfort Tulip.)

Sancho: Sssshhh…


Panel 3
(Everyone walking through a low-ceilinged tunnel, following Teo and Ruby. Lysander is smiling because he feels like a dwarf again. Bea hits her head on the ceiling. Is not enjoying the underground life)

Bea: OW! FUCK!

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