Alright, that’s it for this chapter, folks! Tune in this time next week for Chapter 20: Underneath the Ghastly Blank. It… might be my favorite chapter to date.

And don’t forget, starting now between chapters I will be answering reader questions! So send some in if you got ’em, and I’ll illustrate the answers.


Page 45 panel 1
(Some days later: Uba packing)

Panel 2
Ufta: =Uba, don’t go. I’m sorry.=

Panel 3
Uba: (hoisting haversack) =You have Ode now. You don’t need me.=

Panel 4
Ufta: =We always need you. You just came back to us, please.=

Panel 5
Uba: =Will you let me use my magic?=

Panel 6
(Ufta glares at her)

Panel 7
Uba: =I thought not.=

Panel 8
Ufta: =But it doesn’t have to be this way! If you married into a Zev or Goblin clan you could– =

Panel 9
Uba: =I’m never going to make a convenient marriage. I’m going where I can make a difference. For our people. For everyone. I will be back eventually. And when I do, it will be a new world.=

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