There are only two characters who had good dads, and those dads are dead.

This is the second-to-last page of this chapter. I’m gonna start doing something new. When we’re getting close to the end of a chapter I’m going to open up for reader questions. If we don’t get any we will proceed to the next chapter as normal. If we DO then I will illustrate answers between chapters. That sound good?


Page 44 panel 1
Ufta: =Am I done, Dear?=
Anga: =Yes. You did very well.=

Panel 2
(Ufta leaves)
Anga: =I am very sorry for the way your father has acted, Uba. Things have been… difficult.=

Panel 3
Anga: =He doesn’t like sharing power. You know you’re father, he always has to be in control. To know what is going on and how to handle it. He does not like being wrong, or uncertain.=

Panel 4
Anga: =And I don’t want any of you thinking we are an intolerant, inhospitable people. Individuals may be, but Kasi as a whole are compassionate and generous. But life has changed for us very rapidly, and you are not seeing us at our best.=

Panel 5
(Anga kisses some people on forehead)

Panel 6
Anga: (hand on Lysander’s arm, as far up as she can reach) =My daughter speaks well of each of you. Thank you all so much.=

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