The greater part of the subterranean city-state of Jegga is arranged on a series of canals; some dug out long ago to get at and ship valuable ores, some dug more recently for irrigation, travel, or to just clear a space to put a city.

The caves and abandoned mine shafts in this part of the continent are wet. Very, very wet. There are underground springs, rivers, and streams everywhere. So between magic, ingenuity, and being tired of constantly damp feet, the goblins who fled to these caves for their safety have transformed into something rather lovely.


Page 43 panel 1
(Everyone sitting around table at a canal-side cafe.)
Anga: (off camera) ahem.

Panel 2
(Anga standing sternly with a sullen and grumpy Ufta)
Anga: =My husband has something he would like to say to all of you.=

Panel 3
Anga: (pointedly) =Don’t you Ufta?=
Ufta: (tiny font) =thank you.=

Panel 4
(She nudges him)
Ufta: =Thank you all for rescuing our daughter.=

Panel 5
Ufta: =She is precious to us, and we are very glad to have her back.=
Anga: =Is there anything you want to say to Uba?=

Panel 6
Ufta: =Uba, I love you. I have missed you so much since you lef– since you were taken from us.=

Panel 7
Ufta: =I can’t imagine what you went through, and I’m sorry it had to happen to you. But seeing you grown up into an adult and doing so well makes me very happy.=
Anga: =And…?=

Panel 8
Ufta: =And I am very, very proud of you. If it were a different time and place, you would have made an excellent shaman.=

Panel 9
Ufta: (clearly against his will)=And as for the rest of you, I extend my deepest and humblest, gratitude. My family and I are…=
Anga: =Say it.=
Ufta: =…forever in your debt.=

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