It clearly doesn’t take long for them to get all up in each other’s shit.


Page 36 panel 1
Ufta: ODE!!

Panel 2
Uba: (annoyed) =I see Baba still does not know how magic works.=

Panel 3
Ufta: (angry) Uba…
Anga: (cutting in nervously) =Your father has been teaching him magic. He’s very good. Show her, Ode.=

Panels 4-5
(Ode struggles to make a small amount of fire/water/flower/etc.)

Panel 6
Uba: =That’s very g– =
Ode: =I am going to be aga-i’ten when Baba dies.=

Panel 7
Uba: =I’m sure you will.=

Panel 8
Uba: (glaring at her father snarkily) =And I’m sure Baba is very happy to have finally had a son.=

Panel 9
(Ufta glares)

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