*(OH-deh) It means sunlight. They named him that because he was born underground and they’re unsure if they’ll ever live with the sun again.


(half panel. Uba and family hugging/crying. Little boy stands off to one side, looking up blankly)
Anga: =My baby girl!=

Panel 2
Anga: (holding Uba’s head in hands, crying uncontrollably) =I have asked the gods every day to bring you back to us, and they did! Look at you! You have grown up so much!=

Panel 3
(Uba hugging father and Aunt)
Uba: Baba! Binti!
Ufta: =My darling child.=
Akimbe: =We have missed you.=

Panel 4
(Uba has another girl by shoulders)
Uba: =Look at you, Ula! My little sister is all grown up!=

Panel 5
(Ula shows off gold bracelet w/ inset stone)
Ula: (off camera) =I’m getting married! Look!=
Uba: (off camera) =That’s wonderful!=

Panel 6
Ula: =He’s the oldest son of the aga-i’ten of Two Forks River clan.=
Uba: =Two Forks River! They were so rich! Is it a good match?=
Ula: =Yes. We like each other very much. And the bride price they paid was nothing to sneeze at, either.=

Panel 7
(Anga turns Uba’s attention to little boy)
Anga: =Uba, you have never met your brother. I was pregnant with him when you left. This is Ode.*=

Panel 8
Uba: =Hello, Ode. I’m your big sister, Uba. I’m very glad to meet you.=

Panel 9
Ode: =Baba says you have bad magic.=

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