There are only two things that can happen between Ufta and Jo now. Either they’re going to kill each other or fall in love. Look, I didn’t make the rules.


Page 33 panel 1
(Goblin looking very annoyed staring at Buo, who is staring back very embarrassed, while Bradley in background tries to get Goblin’s attention)
Goblin: Buo…
Buo: Jo, I…
Bradley: You know what we are?! How the heck–

Panel 2
Jo: Buo, we don’t have many rules, but what is chief among the few that we have?

Panel 3
Buo: … No Romans?
Jo: And…?

Panel 4
Buo: But, Jo’mak, they’re–
Jo: And we stay hidden! If people know we’re here, we’re no longer safe!

Panel 5
Buo: But Jo, this is Ufta’s daughter! The one that got taken away three years ago!

Panel 6
Jo: Ufta’s been nothing but a pain in my ass since you all came here! Pompous twat thinks because he’s chieftain of some dirty band of backward nomads that he can run my clan too! Well you know what he can–!

Panel 7
Buo: But he still has a right to see his daughter. What if it were Se’mak?

Panel 8
(Jo looks annoyed)

Panel 9
Jo: Alright, come on! Before I change my mind! And I’m holding Three Moons Clan accountable for any bloodbath that might occur!

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