< ...> Kasi language.
< <...>> Akal Goblin language.

I forgot Buo had a bird tattoo (“Buo” means “falcon”.) I covered it up with his shirt, but now it makes no sense since you can’t see it.


Page 32 panel 1
(party, led by Buo, stop.)
Uba: =What about my father! My sister! What of– =
Buo: =Just wait.=

Panel 2
(Buo stomps three times on the ground near bolder)

Panel 3
(Door appears by magic)

Panel 4
(door opens and goblin head pokes out)
Goblin: {Oh, what the–! Who are these assholes?!}

Panel 5
Buo: {They’re alright I can vou– }
Goblin: {It’s NOT alright, bird boy, it’s a bunch of fucking Romans and– }

Panel 6
Goblin: { — What is that, an elf? And… and some kind of… what, a forty-year-old child with a hangover?}

Panel 7
Bradley: (raising hand) Um, excuse me? We’re, um… we’re not actually Romans. Well, that guy is, but we’re actually Pellepone–

Panel 8
Goblin: Oh good. The freaks from outer space speak our language.

Panel 9
Bradley: We don’t it’s a universal transl– wait, what?!

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