She said she would move to Romani with him if she couldn’t find her family, but now here they all are, alive and well, and here’s this really handsome guy she’s known her whole life, and sure he’s her cousin but royalty marry their cousins all the time, so what does this mean????


Page 34 panel 1
Lysander: (to Uba) So… he’s, erm… He’s handsome. He’s one of your clan?

Panel 2
Uba: Yes. He is… oh, what is it called… He is the son of my father’s sister.

Panel 3
Lysander: That makes him your cousin.
Uba: Yes. Thank you. I couldn’t remember the word.

Panel 4
Lysander: So your people are alive down here, then.
Uba: Yes. I can’t believe it.

Panel 5
Uba: We thought these caves were haunted. We were afraid to go into them. But look at this! There’s water, there are growing things! There are animals in pens! We didn’t know what goblins were, and never would have thought they would help us. But look, there are other Kasi clans, not just ours!

Panel 6
Lysander: You look happy.
Uba: Very happy.
[inset panel: (from off camera) UBA!]

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