It is a testament to whatever engineers designed this crossbow that it’s still in one piece. His tiny little Halfling skull is thicker than you’d think.


Page 30 panel 1
Sancho: (tears welling up) What… Shite.

Panel 2
Buo: (offended) =What?=

Panel 3
Uba: =He doesn’t believe in gods.=
Buo: =How can you not believe in gods?=

Panel 4
Sancho: (screaming, pushing Buo) This disnae belong tae you! This isnae yer gods! I buried my friend here twenny years ago! And she disnae fooking belong tae you! (This doesn’t belong to you!This isn’t your gods! I buried my friend here twenty years ago! And she doesn’t fucking belong to you!)

Panel 5
Uba: =What?=

Panel 6
(Buo, pissed, clubs him in the face with the crossbow)
Buo: =You dare insult our gods?!=

Panel 7
Bea: (claws around his throat) Touch him again and I’ll rip your fucking throat out and piss down your neck hole!

Panel 8

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