Hēbo is one of the three Creators. Ata’x (ah-TAH-click) created the sky, Hēbo created the earth, and A’kasi-Nba created life. More accurately, Hēbo made trees and animals and people from rocks and A’kasi-Nba breathed life into them. Then they created other gods and spirits so they could delegate responsibilities to them.

For anyone who forgot or doesn’t know what’s going on, the last time we saw this cairn stone was back here in chapter 14.


Page 29 panel 1
(Party passes by a tree, some stones around the base, one big one with some decoration)

Panel 2
(Sancho looking like he just saw a ghost)

Panel 3
(Zoom the large decorated stone. It is the headstone he used to bury Altsoba)

Panel 4
Sancho: What. The fook. Is this?

Panel 5
Buo: =Oh! That’s Hēbo duku.=

Panel 6
Bradley: Hold on, that didn’t translate.
Buo: =Uba, how would you say this in Common?=

Panel 7
Uba: Erm… I guess… Hēbo’s stone fig tree? Maybe?
Buo: =It’s been here for twenty years, my father said. It’s the only tree that still has fruit. Everything else is dead.=

Panel 8
Uba: These rocks around the base have powerful magic, apparently. Hēbo, god of crafting, made this tree from stone when everything else died so we can eat.

He’s done it before. Once with nardo, once with yams… akudja…

And juniper, I think. Or was it bunya?

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