AU where Bea is a werewolf because she makes a pretty cool fucking werewolf.


( ⅔ panel along top, bird’s eye view of everyone walking. Inset panel, bush against large boulder rustles)

Panel 2
(Bea halting party)
Bea: (quietly) Stop.

Panel 3
(half panel, shadow-covered eyes peeking through bush. Bottom half, zoom Bea’s face angry, begins to shift face into wolf muzzle)

Panel 4
(⅔ panel, Bea crouching, guarding party. Uba and Sancho not visible)

Panel 5
(top half: small bolt being quietly fitted into crossbow pistol. Bottom half, Bea wolf pupils dilate and shift to direction of sound.

Panel 6
(top half, bow fires. Bottom half, Bea swats away bolt)

Panel 7
(Bea shoots out tentacle arm)

Panel 8
(male Kasi wrapped up tight by tentacle, held aloft, terrified. Bea has wolf face still, growling)

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