Meanwhile, the Kasi gods are all “The fuck was that asshole thinking, we didn’t do this! Let ‘er be a shaman, damn!”

(Also, since today is Valentine’s Day, I saw fit to introduce a new tradition that nobody asked for, as well as add a new tab. So welcome the Extras tab (which will eventually contain holiday posts, guest art, etc.) As well as V-Day Smut! The NSFW label ain’t no joke. Only 18+, please.)


Uba: It’s funny. When I was a little girl I always assumed it was my fault the rains had stopped.

Panel 2
Niki: It wasn’t your fault.

Panel 3
Uba: I know that. Alexey says some magical force is changing the weather patterns. But we are a very traditional people. My father would never believe that.

Panel 4
Uba: For him, tradition is everything. You do things as your ancestors have always done. The gods provide for you when they are happy, and they deny you when they are angry. It’s a very simple system. And as long as you always follow tradition, they think, it works.

Panel 5
Bradley: Until it stops working.

Niki: What did your father do to appease them?

Uba: I don’t know. He never taught me how to talk with the gods. But whatever he did, it didn’t work.

Panel 6
Niki: Well I’m sure he–

Uba: It doesn’t matter. Any gods that would stop rain and starve people because a little girl wants to be a shaman are not gods I wish to talk to.

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