She learned that word two years ago while listening in on her owners’ argument and has been just itchin’ to use since.


Page 22 panel 1
Lysander: Be-because… I’d like that. I mean, I don’t mean… I don’t… I don’t know what I mean. Actually.

Panel 2
Uba: You were right. The only way I can really avenge myself and my people is by getting rid of the Duke. But just killing him wouldn’t be enough. Kill one tyrant, another will take his place. I’d have to kill his entire ideology. And the only way to do that would be by making a new nation, with a new ideology, that tries to end violence and hate altogether.

Panel 3
Lysander: Right. You’re right, of course. I would be honoured if you would help me. But I-I just thought that maybe… you wanted…

Panel 4
Uba: Are you sure that’s what you want?

Panel 5
Lysander: That what’s what I want?

Panel 6
(Uba slams hands down in front, leans forward angrily)
Uba: You know bloody well what you’re trying to say to me!

Panel 7
Lysander: I don’t know how to say it! At least… not in a way that won’t make you hate me any more than you already do.

Panel 8
Uba: I don’t hate you. Really. In fact… I don’t think I’ve ever been in love, I don’t know what it feels like. But… I found myself looking forward to listening to you in the evenings.

Panel 9
Uba: And when we were in Pachti, and I was alone in my room, I found that I missed the sound of your voice. I missed your smile when you spoke of things you loved. I missed your eyes. They are… so… sad. And it’s… beautiful in a way.

Panel 10
Uba: And when you kissed me… Part of me wanted to stay. Even after you touched me and I got angry, part of me wanted to go back and… keep going. I felt your touch all night. I wanted to feel it again. But I was just so scared. Every time someone has…

Panel 11
Uba: But given your behavior in the town I can see that you’re still in love with her, and no matter how much I love you I will not be anyone’s consolation prize!

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