She is getting really fucking sick of this.


Page 21 panel 1
(⅔ panel across top. Bradley and Bea washing clothes, Niki and Uba hanging. Uba’s hair in curls)

Panel 2
(Lysander comes up to Uba, who is covering her hair with her hands)
Lysander: Can we talk? When you’re through?

Panel 3
(Uba nods)
Niki: (off camera, small text) She’d be done quicker if you’d help.

Panel 4
(later, in Lysander’s tent. Uba comes in, hair straightened)

Panel 5
(Uba sits down. Lysander nervously looks at floor)

Panel 6
Uba: What did you want?

Panel 7
Lysander: Were… were you serious when you said you wanted to come back to Romani with me? If you couldn’t… you know… find your people?

Panel 8
(Uba grumbles)

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