Page 20 panel 1
(long ⅔ panel. Several people drop what they’re doing to go help)
Sancho: Love, are you alright?!

Panel 2
Bea: (nudging them off) YES I’M FINE!

Panel 3
Bea: (straightening herself up) It’s just… these damn field rations! I can’t stomach them.

Panel 4
Bradley: I can summon a smokeless fire and we can cook something.

Panel 5
Bea: No. It’ll be dark before we’re through, and they’ll see the light. I’ll just have to deal with it.

Panel 6
Niki: Do you want me to have a look–

Panel 7
Bea: No! I’m fine, everybody stop fussing and get on with it!

Panel 8
Bea: When you’re done setting camp put on the cleanest thing you have and give me the rest.

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