The next page (pg17) will be the last of the emotionally difficult, trigger-filled pages. Everyone will go back to being loveable assholes/cute little dorks and it’ll all be fine. For a while.


Page 16 panel 1
Lysander: (teary eyed, choked up) I’m… I am so sorry, Uba. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry all these things happened to you. I can’t even imagine it. But that man is gone and you don’t have to think about it anymore.

Panel 2
Uba: You’re wrong. I can never stop thinking about it. And what about the men who gave him his orders? Do they deserve to go unpunished?

Panel 3
Lysander: Then you’d have to go all the way to the top and kill the Duke, because the orders ultimately come from him.

Panel 4
Uba: Then I will. You will take me home and I will see if there are any of my people left, and if there’re not then I will go back to Romani with you.

Panel 5
Lysander: And if your people are still there?

Panel 6
Uba: I’ve lost hope that they’re still alive anywhere. How can they be? After all that? We didn’t even know anything that called itself a person could be capable of such cruelty! How can they live through that?

Panel 7
Lysander: You did. And anyway I’m not sure I’m going back.

Panel 8
Uba: You have to! You promised all of us a future! You said you would do anything to help me. To make it up to the others. To atone for your sins. You think I am the only one amoung us who has suffered under your father’s tyranny?! Who will continue to suffer if you do nothing?!

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