Behold, the king of Fucking Up Literally Everything In His Personal Life.


Page 8 panel 1
(Interior: Lysander’s tent. Uba comes in)
Uba:(standing, arms crossed) Well?

Panel 2
Lysander: (seated) What did you want to know? Ask me anything you–

Panel 3
Uba: (still standing, angry) Who was the First Man?

Panel 4
Lysander: The what?

Panel 5
Uba: The First Man! The one who started it! The one who gave the order to fire on my people! On Rigo’s people! The one who had me dragged off and locked in a cage already full of the sick and dying! WHO IS THE MAN WHO STARTED IT!!

Panel 6
Lysander: I don’t know off hand, I’d have to look at the records–

Panel 7
(inset panel. Lysander suddenly remembers.)

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  1. Thrones of War says:

    my question is: is that expression he makes in the mini-panel one of him realizing who was the one who started it, or the face he’s making internally as the big panel is happening cause he already knows and doesn’t want to say?

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