Page 7 panel 1
(Uba stays)
Lysander: I can’t begin to apologize, neither for what I did to you, nor for what I did to everyone else. But please, believe me when I say I will try my hardest to make it up to everyone.

Panel 2
Uba: You should be telling them this.
Lysander: I will. Just…

Panel 3
Lysander: Look, I miss you.

Panel 4
Uba: Ha! You certainly didn’t miss me before!

Panel 5
Lysander: I miss talking to you. I miss having a friend. I miss not feeling so alone. I’m sorry I kissed you, and for touching you… I can’t explain myself but I’ve gotten it out of my system–

Uba: I’ll bet you have!

Panel 6
Lysander: Talk to me. Later. Please. You said you wanted to know something from me. Ask it. I’ll tell you anything. Then you can leave and never come back, but I just want to hear your voice before you never speak to me again.

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