Y’all complaining now, but when the protein bars run out and you’re stuck with hard tack, y’all gon’ be sorry.


Page 6 panel 1
(Bradley’s hand holding a protein bar.)

Panel 2
( Sunrise. Bea handing out similar bars to everyone)
Bea: We can’t risk lighting a fire, at least not yet. So it’s field rations and hard tack from here on out.

Panel 3
(No one is very happy about eating their larabars, except for Bradley, who eats them all the time instead of real food)

Panel 4
(Uba is not having a good time eating)

Panel 5
(Lysander sits down next her, she looks away)

Panel 6
Lysander: I can understand if you’re still angry with me–

Panel 7
(Uba gets up to leave)
Lysander: (holding on to hem of her dress) Please. Don’t.

Panel 8
Uba: (yanking her dress out of his grip) Let go of me!
Lysander: You’ve listened to me for weeks, please listen again, just for a minute.

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