There are no sources of stone nearby so they have to make their own from the dirt road. They don’t have stone-carving supplies, either, so Sancho had to freehand that Life Tree with Bradley’s sharpie.


Page 4 panel 1
(Long panel across top. Background: Sancho and Bradley piling up rocks in a cairn. Niki performing last rites in Taurish. Lysander watching, still holding arm. Foreground: Uba standing by looking sad)

Panel 2
(Lysander comes up behind Uba)
Lysander: Why did you never tell me you could understand me?

Panel 3
Uba: (still looking away) You think I spend three years in Romani and never picked up the language?
Lysander: I–

Panel 4
Uba:(sternly) What would you have done? If you’d known I could understand you? You would never have told me anything!

Panel 5
Uba: (angry tears) If I’d known then that all I had to do to get information out of you was to lie with you I would have opened my legs to you long ago!

Panel 6
Lysander: Is that all you wanted? To know things? You could have asked! My God, all the times I wished I could explain something to you, I wished you could understand me, to talk to me, to tell me what to do and all this time, you understood perfectly!

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