He’s had so many gashes and wounds over his life that a quick slice followed by a complete heal and a snack is not that bad.


Page 3 panel 1
( Niki fishes a white cloth out of her bag.)

Panel 2
(drapes it over her head)

Panel 3
(knife in hand)
Niki: Erm… I need blood.

Panel 4
(party looks nervously at each other)

Panel 5
Lysander: Does it have to be specific?

Niki: No, it can be any kind, I think. But it has to be warm.

Panel 6
(Lysander offers her his arm)

Panel 7
Niki: Are you sure? This is going to hurt. A lot.

Lysander: It won’t kill me, will it?

Niki: No, but you will be woozy for a time. You’d be surprised at how much blood a human can lose before they die.

Lysander: This is all my fault. If it will help convince your gods to help her, it’s least I can do.

Panel 8
(Niki holds his arm above her head and slashes.)

Panel 9
(lets the blood run over her face a bit before closing it up. Bradley is terrified.)

Panel 10
(Niki, covered in blood, begins chanting, eyes closed and arms raised. Bradley is trying not to be sick. Poor little space boy.)

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