Yes, she has killed before. But in her mind, those people deserved it. This was just some rando girl in the woods, a girl who was very clearly sad and needed help. But when she’s in a heightened enough emotional state, spells just fire themselves in self defense. That’s one drawback to being a shaman. Magic is so entrenched in who and what you are that, sometimes, it can take on a will of its own.


Page 60 panel 1
(Uba drops Ku’la)

Panel 2
(Ku’la on ground, spikes still there)

Panel 3
Uba: (aloud) Oh, gods. What did I do?

Panel 4
(Different part of jungle. Party following Bea in wolf form, nose to ground)

Panel 5
Sancho: (to wolf Bea) [Is she close yet?]

Panel 6
(scream in distance)

Panel 7
(They run)

Panel 8
(they come across Uba, stricken horrified, and Ku’la on ground)

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